About Owl CreekArabians

Owl Creek Ranch was settled in the late 1870’s by pioneers who came to Crook County, Oregon. The first documentation relating to the ranch is early survey notes from April 1877. In 2004 one of the large poplar trees near the house fell and based on the rings in the trunk of the tree it appeared to be about 130 years old.


The ranch sits as a 120 acre island of private land surrounded by a 2600 acre BLM grazing allotment on three sides and Prineville Reservoir State Park on one side. Adorned by many high rocky cliffs the ranch was known in the mid-20th century as being rich in agate mining, home to the Guinness book of world record largest agate ever mined (1200 pounds), in 1948. With approximately 40 acres of hay fields, the ranch has been home to cattle, sheep, horses and US Government mules for more than 100 years. Rich with water, the home is supplied year round by a natural spring.


Eric and Kim Bush established, what is now Owl Creek Ranch in 2005. The ranch was acquired from the long time owners, the Carey family and was previously known as the Carey Ranch.


The ranch was largely in disrepair and with the remodelling of the house and the demolition of several older buildings and building of newer ones the ranch now is home to black angus cattle and the finest Arabian horses in Central Oregon. The main house sets at the mouth of a dramatic rock canyon that has been known by locals as “Owl Hollow”. From Owl Hollow flows Owl Creek, a seasonal stream that flows directly through the middle of the ranch and into Prineville Reservoir about a half mile from the main house.


“Although we are a small breeding facility, each broodmare and stallion are carefully chosen and matched with consideration given to type, conformation and disposition.  We plan for each foal and limit the number of breedings per year so we can focus on each horse’s future be it in halter, western, English or trail. We recognize the Arabian as a versatile breed and are committed to selling quality horses suited to the needs of the individual buyer.” ~ Kim and Eric Bush